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Our Team

Culture and Values

At Clarion Water Technologies, we understand that our employees are the foundation of our success and we recognize that they are among the most skilled in the water treatment industry. We strive to provide our staff with the necessary tools and resources to ensure they are able to give our customers a superior level of service. Additionally, we strive to foster an environment of active direction and collaboration to enable our personnel to reach their full potential.


We strongly motivate our personnel to strive for excellence by accepting accountability for their individual obligations, exchanging successful strategies and helping to fulfill Clarion Water Technologies' dedication to creativity through the incorporation of their personal suggestions.


We spend time looking into ideas and using company funds to make the most practical and economical designs. To keep improving, we supply regular training for our personnel to bring out their abilities and provide a setting that enables them to shine. Such an atmosphere helps Clarion Water Technologies earn the trust of our customers, not only in terms of our technical capabilities and services but also in the personal relationships we create as we seek to be an expansion of their group.

Our People

Regardless of our differences, we all share a commitment to addressing our customers' most difficult water issues and to providing clean water to those who require it, everywhere in the world.


Features describing our common goals:

  • Our enthusiasm and responsibility;
  • Our promise to be inventive, outstanding, honest, and to adhere to our corporate principles;
  • Our determination to assist our customers in achieving success.


Introducing Our Team

Our Directors, at the helm of Clarion Water Technologies, saw the possibility to create a water treatment company providing comprehensive solutions for water and wastewater treatment with the primary goal of achieving tangible results. The Directors' diverse expertise enabled the formation of Clarion Water Technologies as a pioneering firm in the water treatment and wastewater treatment sector. As an independent company, the Directors are actively engaged in the everyday operations of Clarion Water Technologies, striving for continual progress by introducing new technologies and business growth.


Clarion Water Technologies Head Office

Clarion Water Technologies' ever-growing team is spread throughout China, giving our clients the benefit of direct access to our specialists. Our headquarters are in Shanghai, the chemical hub of the nation. At headquarters, one can make contact with the people responsible for keeping the Clarion Water Technologies machinery running. Supporting our China-wide workforce are key personnel including the Chief Operating Officer, General Manager, Financial Controller, Finance Manager, Procurement and Logistics Manager, Corporate Communications Manager, Administrative Assistant, Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Warehouse Assistants and Apprentices, as well as other support staff.


Service and Field Staff

Our highly qualified and experienced team of service personnel provides the localized assistance you require to keep your water systems working at their highest level by carrying out the necessary on-site tasks and giving the necessary technical advice to maintain clean and safe water in your activities.

Our staff members have been exposed to many scenarios due to working with a variety of clients, from private and government organizations to automotive makers and paper mills, football teams and dentistry offices, enabling us to offer personnel with the abilities that best fit your requirements. Clarion Water Technologies' service and field personnel comprises Service Chemists, Water Hygiene Technicians and Supervisors, Service Engineers, and Risk Assessors, as well as our devoted wastewater experts. 


Sales and Account Managers

The sales team at Clarion Water Technologies is composed of technical professionals who possess comprehensive hands-on experience and comprehensive industry expertise in various aspects of water and wastewater treatment. From chemical applications such as antifoam use and sludge dewatering to particular industry expertise in food and beverage and pharmaceuticals, the team is composed of both technical and chemical divisions. This allows Clarion Water Technologies to provide the right services to fulfill customers' needs, regardless of their water or wastewater treatment challenges. Furthermore, the sales team is supported by a service and field team, as well as experienced Account Managers to ensure that all client contracts are running smoothly.